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Jack-knifed lorry closes A47 Acle Straight for hours

Norfolk Police says the recovery of the lorry on the A47 Acle Straight was "complex".

'Trash girl' ignores bullies to clean Norwich's streets

Schoolchildren bullied Nadia Sparkes for picking up litter from the streets.

King's Lynn judge rejects autistic man's appeal

Marcus Potter is held in prison for breaching a criminal behaviour order in November 2017.

'Why I use pole dancing to keep fit'

Pole dancing instructor Kathy Buller said the pursuit was "very athletic".

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Kabul: Afghan forces end Intercontinental Hotel siege

More than 120 people are rescued after militants stormed the Kabul hotel and killed at least five.

Deadly unrest over Honduras election

Police fire tear gas at protesters across the country, with one death in the northern town of Saba.

Paul Bocuse: Top French chef dies at 91

He is said to have passed away in his famous three-Michelin-starred restaurant near Lyon.

US shutdown: Trump and Democrats blame each other

Recriminations start after the US Senate fails to pass a new budget, leading to a shutdown of services.